Call Any Vegetable


I suppose for alot of you who’ve seen John Carpenter’s remake (or the recent remake of his remake) the original Thing might not seem all that impressive. It doesn’t have the mindblowing FX (which to be fair, didn’t exist back then) or the blood and gore (which was verboten by the Hays Code back then) so instead of a constantly morphing, tentacled alien, you get James “Marshal Dillon” Arness with a Frankenstein-style flat cranium and gnarly root-like claws. Well, in case you didn’t know, Arness was 6’7” and one intimidating mother. It also doesn’t have the body count of a modern horror film…When’s the last time you saw one with more than one survivor at the end? But the characters are so interesting and funny and intelligent that you won’t want to see them die. The script is packed with the funniest smartass patter you’ll find anywhere. So dig it if you dare…and keep watching the skies!



One comment

  1. mlbradford · January 26, 2015

    I dare! I dig it!
    Much as I prefer the John Carpenter version, I’d sooner watch this rather than that 2011 remake any day!

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