A Whole Lotta Woman


Since this is post #300 and all, I thought it was high time to pay tribute to, in my opinion, the greatest blaxploitation movie of the 70’s. You sickies who’ve been following this blog from the beginning know how much I love Pam Grier, and this is her signature role. Coffy put her on the map, but Foxy made her a star and an icon. She kicks ass, takes names, and looks absolutely ravishing doing it…taking down pimps, pushers and sleazy politicians. It’s got all the action, sex, blood and outrageousness you expect from a blaxploitation flick, but with director Jack Hill’s (Spider Baby, Switchblade Sisters, The Big Doll House) trademark wit and heart…He delivers the goods without condescending to the audience and creates characters that feel real, that you truly care about. If you’ve never seen a blaxploitation film before, this is the best place to start. Just remember: “She’s brown sugar and spice…but if you don’t treat her nice…she’ll put you on ice!”



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