Dixie Fried


Awesome poster, no? And one helluva tagline. Don’t expect a rollicking, Foxy Brown style ass-kicking blastorama, though…this is more of a zeitgeisty roadtrip movie…on a shoestring. Statuesque blonde Dag (Dixie Peabody, also in Night Call Nurses) has been looking after and covering up for her klepto brother since they were kids…and when he gets his head ventilated for stealing a hog from a biker gang, she hits the road on a quest for vengeance with a couple of goofball hippie friends for backup….which leads to the obligatory Easy Rider type scenes of bikes on the highway, camping in the woods, and clashes with square authority figures…lots of sedate hangin’ and chattin’ scenes…punctuated by outburts of hysterical drama and violence. Dixie has gotten alot of knocks for her acting being amateurish, wooden, over the top, etc. but taking into account that her character Dag is obviously supposed to be at least somewhat deranged, I think it fits. Gotta wonder if Australians chuckle at Dag’s name, since it’s a slang term pertaining to sheep Down Under…



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