Creepy Creepy Crawly Crawly

El Beso de la Tarantula - Kiss of the Tarantula - Il Baccio della Tarantola - 1976 - Chris Munger -

The success of Willard and its sequel Ben gave rise to a brief horror subgenre of outcasts-with-creepy-lethal-pets movies such as Stanley and this one…Susan is an innocent girl who just wants to play with spiders…but her harpy of a mother hates spiders…she also hates Susan and especially Susan’s daddy, who runs a funeral home and whom Susan’s mom plans to murder. What’s a dutiful daughter to do, but send her 8-legged friends into action, taking care of anyone else who gives her grief while she’s at it? If you’re arachnophobic, this flick will make your skin crawl right off your bones…but the best part is the ending, which doesn’t involve spiders at all…I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s a sadistically ingenious, excruciatingly suspenseful ending, and it will suddenly dawn on you why it’s set in a funeral home…



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