The Mob Rules


If you’re anything like me ( God help you!) and you’ve wondered what it would be like if Russ Meyer had ever jammed with John Waters, this is pretty much the closest you’ll ever get. These tough talkin’, hair hoppin’ broads just busted outta the jug and they haven’t had a decent piece of meat in a long time. The leader is Big Shim (Marni Castle) the butchest of the butch, who wears a lethal cone bra (did Madonna see this?) and doesn’t take one iota of shit from anyone. There’s Lorenz, (Ann Adams) snarky ginger “Harry” (Joy Dale), annoyingly hyper teenybopper Twig (who has a transistor radio glued to her ear just like Dante in Motorpsycho and is apparently playing “herself”) and Big Shim’s personal fave, bouffanted blonde bombshell “Baby” (Eve Laurie). Tired of the girls’ twitching and bitching, Shim gets Tony the gigolo (Adam Clyde) on the blower and invites him over for a service call…then decides to redefine the term “kept boy” and hold him for ransom from his sugar mama Brenda (also Marni Castle, in femme mode). As Tony’s life (and manhood) hang in the balance, Brenda hires private eye Sweety East (Monique Duvall…she’s hot but I’ve heard better line readings from a Dalek) to make the drop. Will Sweety make it in time, before Tony gets made into a “choirboy?” Will anybody actually get laid? Tune in and find out…



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