Wheels Of Confusion


Pretty paraplegic Penny (Susan Strasberg) hasn’t seen her father in the 10 years since her parents’ divorce. She finally goes to visit him, only to be told by the stepmother she’s never met that he’s away. After awhile, she begins to think that her father may be dead…and begins to question the motives of her stepmother, her doctor (Christopher Lee, whose faux French accent sounds a bit Welsh) and everyone around her, and they question her sanity when she claims to see her father’s corpse popping up in random places. It’s a Hammer picture from back when they were doing film noir and hadn’t yet made their bones as the masters of Gothic horror…It has more twists than a Chubby Checker concert and will totally mess with your head, up til its total 180 mindfuck ending that you’ll either find brilliant or shark-jumpingly implausible…I dig it and I normally loathe movies with plots…



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