Hang Up And Run To Me


Don’t Answer The Phone is one of the sickest, most off-kilter thrillers I’ve ever seen. Nicholas Worth plays a serial killer who torments a talk radio shrink with tales of his crimes. The filmmakers obviously saw Taxi Driver…the killer is a ‘Nam vet who talks to himself in the mirror, constantly drives through the sleazy part of town…and is a virulent racist. But he’s much more twisted than Travis Bickle and has no moral code whatsoever. He has major Catholic damage, daddy issues…and he’s an amateur porn photographer. You may recognize the guy who played Porky in Porky’s as the smut mag publisher he freelances for. In another bit of inspired casting, the cop on his case is James Whitworth (Papa Jupe in The Hills Have Eyes). Worth is so creepy and weird, with his Muttley laugh and his ability to cry and laugh at the same time…his intensity and sliminess…if you can relate to him at all, you’re too sick even for this blog…

Dont Answer the Phone 1


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