The Torpor! The Torpor!


This is an entry in the Blind Dead series of Spanish horror films about a cult of Knights Templar who were blinded and executed for practicing Satanic rites and human sacrifice who return from the grave to pick up where they left off…This time they’re on a boat (an alternate title was Ghost Galleon) that runs into some fashion models and their crew. The ghost boat is pretty atmospheric and the knights are pretty gnarly-looking in that Tales From The Crypt kinda way…but they are the slowest zombies ever to stagger across the silver screen…and nobody runs away from them. And they’re basically skeletons with a little bit of jerky left to keep their bones together…all it would take is one good whack to knock their blocks off like a tee ball. And as I mentioned before, they’re blind…You’ll be screaming at the doofus crew to run or do something fercrissake…if you can stay awake long enough…



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