Spacegirl Blues


After the late 70’s/early 80’s flood of Star Wars knockoffs there were also some comic space operas…This one is by William Sachs, the same guy who made The Incredible Melting Man…It stars Avery Schreiber and Jesse Vint as space cops and the tragically beautiful, ill-fated Dorothy Stratten as Galaxina, the robot who yearns for love. It’s hard not to be a little bummed out watching this, knowing that Dorothy was murdered the day the movie came out…She’s so achingly radiant in this film…and there always seemed to be sadness in her eyes, as if she knew all along that she wasn’t long for this world. But don’t start thinking this is a Bergman film…The movie itself is lighthearted and full of jokes cornier than crow crap but delivered with an amusing eccentricity…If you dig The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Red Dwarf or The Ice Pirates, you’ll probably dig this one too…



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