Cheap Thrills


Imagine you’re strolling by your local grindhouse or drive-in in 1938, and you see the title Sex Madness slathered on the marquee. Sounds like a hot ticket, no? So you plunk down your chump change, snag a soda and popcorn and settle in for some smutty fun…only to discover that the movie is about syphilis. Guaranteed to turn your outie into an innie, right? Well, before you grab your coat and make a beeline for the door, let me tell you that it was directed by Dwaine Esper, the man who brought you Maniac and Marihuana, so rest assured that all the scary hygiene-film stuff is just a smokescreen of legitimacy that allows Esper to explore the taboos of the day: premarital sex, burlesque, the casting couch, lesbianism…Now that’s more like it, wouldn’t you say?



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