Herc Vs. The Rosco Fog


Although he’s known and revered in America mostly for his horror films, Mario Bava tackled just about every B-movie genre, and this is his Hercules picture. Herc (Reg Park) wants to save his girlfriend who’s been zombified by Christopher Lee (there’s a great bit where she emerges Nosferatu-style from her tomb) so he has to go to Hades…What does Hades look like? Alot like an arena rock concert: tons of smoke-machine fog and colored lights, used to create atmosphere (and to disguise how sparse and phony the sets are). He fights zombies and rock men…can’t have a Hercules movie without rock men. They always look bored and miserable…you’d think it would be awesome to be made out of rock…then again, Ben Grimm doesn’t like it either…Anyway, everything goes fine ’til Herc’s buddy Theseus hooks up with Persephone…and as anyone who’s read Greek mythology knows, ol’ papa Pluto is the ultimate overprotective father…but of course, there’s nothing that Herc can’t heave something heavy-looking (and probably made out of papier mache or styrofoam) at…



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