Spirit Of ’76


Ok, so the title makes it sound like 70’s porno, 60’s sexploitation, or an 80’s titty movie…and, granted, there is a smattering of the required gratuitous nudity and nookie, but really it’s a smarter-than-average teen comedy more along the lines of American Grafitti…but with actors that could actually pass for teens. And it’s quite naturalistic, not at all wacky or cartoonish. I’d be willing to wager serious money that Richard Linklater saw this as a kid, since Dazed And Confused has a much similar feel to it. The first time I watched this, it was simply to further my goal of seeing every movie Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith was in…and the curiousity of watching Robert Carradine play a jock (which for a child of the 80’s like me, creates a very weird cognitive dissonance) and I ended up being pleasantly surprised…



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