So Very Psycho


This classic two-fisted Russ Meyer revenge flick pretty much set the template for the biker movies of the late 60’s and early 70’s, by simply bringing a typical gritty Western plot into the age of the iron horse…The three crazed outlaws spreading random terror in a desert town are much more clean-cut than the more Viking-like bikers one usually imagines…they look more like 50’s J.D.’s…and, um, they don’t really ride hogs…they ride scooters. (Not surprisingly, the movie was also shown under the title Motor Mods And Rockers). There’s rocknroll-obsessed Dante, butterfingered Slick, and their fearless leader Brahmin, who’s more twisted than a hairpin. He’s fresh from a tour of duty in ‘Nam…I’m guessing he got a Section 8 (Don’t quote me on this, but this may be the first cinematic instance of ‘Nam flashbacks). They accost random women and thrash their men, eventually raping and beating  young housewife Angel (Holle K. Winters) within an inch of her life. Her horse-doc husband Maddox (Alex Rocco, one of my all-time fave character actors) sets out to put them down like the rabid dogs they are, with the help of Ruby (exotic spitfire Haji) a tough-as-nails Cajun who also has a bone to pick with the motorvatin’ trio…


It all culminates in a classic desert shootout complete with dynamite…and includes my favourite moment in the film…the exasperatedly incredulous way Rocco says “COMMIES?!” when flashback-addled Brahmin mistakes Maddox and Ruby for Viet Cong…This movie also set the template for much of Meyer’s own films…astute fans will notice recurring motifs and references to it in later films like SupervixensAlthough its distaff companion piece Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is much more famous, and rightly so,  since it’s Meyer’s magnum opus…Motorpsycho is still 110% badass…



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