Whether Witch Or Wench


As I’ve mentioned before, exploitation filmmakers often rush out quickie knockoffs of Hollywood hits that are nastier and sleazier, delivering the prurient goods where the “legit” films stop short. Well, this is a quickie knockoff of an exploitation film…it’s Jesus Franco’s version of Witchfinder General (see my review Roundhead’s Revenge) a film that was itself controversial for its level of violence. The Bloody Judge is a total free-for-all of sex, violence, torture…so yeah, it’s a shocker alright…but after awhile it becomes numbing…and obviously Franco was more concerned with S&M than the satire of political hypocrisy that drove Witchfinder General…and what made Witchfinder General so powerful is that it felt like a good, solid mainstream film that went farther than you expected it to…



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