It is Now My Duty To Completely Drain You


This bloody double feature begins with Blood Suckers, an adaptation of the novel Doctors Wear Scarlet which finds Oxford prof Patrick MacNee flying to Greece to retrieve vactioning colleague Richard Fountain (who looks like the lovechild of Richard Harris and Terence Stamp) and save him from “scandal” (perhaps they assumed he was up to some Fire Island shenanigans?) Turn’s out ol’ Dick Fountain’s joined a blood-drinking cult. Obviously this film was aimed at hippies…the blood drinking takes place during psychedelic orgies complete with acid rock and trippy editing (the editor seems stoned in some of the straight scenes as well) and Richard gives a speech at Oxford about freedom (the print I watched was released under the title Freedom Seeker) and calls his Oxford colleauges “leeches” on a psychological level. And yet, the hippie cult is portrayed as evil weirdoes…which is the way the establishment tends to view the counterculture…so it’s a movie about hypocrisy that is itself hypocritical….O the irony! Oh, and Peter Cushing shows up to holler at the Oxford meeting, and Edward Woodward plays an “expert on sexual perversion”…


The second feature on this blood-drenched double-bill is the Filipino thriller Blood Thirst…which stars Vic Diaz (The Big Bird Cage) as a cop tracking a serial killer who drains their victims of blood. From the looks of it, it was made at least 5 years before it joined Blood Suckers on this double-bill. It’s very noirish: black and white…jazzy score…lots of snappy patter between Diaz and his American sidekick…and the killer has the weirdest head in cinematic history (and believe me, if you watch enough of these movies, you’ll see many an odd noggin)…it looks like a raspberry stuffed with spider eggs…like something Karl Malden dug out of his nose…sorry, but I’m not gonna include a pic of this guy…you’re gonna wanna see for yourself…



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