Lenzi’s Frenzy


Italian director Umberto Lenzi’s output covered just about every exploitation genre: horror, war, action, cannibals…this one is giallo (violent, twisted thrillers inspired by Italian pulp novels)…It starts out promisingly weird enough, with a couple on a romantic walk in the woods finding a woman’s corpse hanging from a tree…which upon closer inspection turns out to be a mannequin…and upon official inspection turns out to be a corpse covered in latex and painted to look like a mannequin…Then it hits every cliche from every thriller ever penned: the is-the-hero-being-framed-or-is-he-crazy bit…the mysterious, traumatic childhood event bit…he’s even got an evil twin…complete with the which-one-is-actually-evil question. It can get to be like an amusement park ride you’ve been on too many times, and know all the twists and turns before they come…but if you’re in the right mood, you can enjoy films like this in that Roadrunner cartoon kinda way… 



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