The Rise Of Big Papa


Black Caesar was a monster hit, so AIP ordered a sequel immediately…and Hell Up In Harlem picks up exactly where it left off. Tommy’s estranged father (known on the streets as Big Papa) comes crawling out from whatever rock he’s been hiding under all of Tommy ‘s life and proceeds to invade his son’s turf, bent on regaining his throne as Godfather of Harlem. Which proves he really doesn’t know his son very well. Traditionally, less money and sometimes less effort are put into sequels…we’re lucky if the original cast, director, etc. return…Cohen himself was working on It’s Alive at the same time…but he went balls out on this one with the action, outrageousness and humor…and there’s even a bit of kung fu. Cohen is one of those filmmakers who went from genre to genre, schooling the masters, each film saying this is how it’s done, son…



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