The Cat With The .45 Caliber Claws


I suppose to most people Brian DePalma’s Scarface is the ultimate modern gangster movie. Just ask any rapper. They all seem to have a Scarface poster on their wall. For me though, it’s Black Caesar…Tommy Gibbs (the always sauve Fred Williamson) is a much more sympathetic character than a megalomaniac like Tony Montana. He starts off as a shoeshine boy in NYC, beaten and crippled by a racist beat cop. He eventually grows up and rises to the top of the underworld…even outfoxing the Mafia…but not as a pimp or a pusher…he just runs numbers…as honest as a man can be and still be a criminal. When he finally gets his hands on that asshole cop…man, I’m telling you, never has there been a revenge scene so cathartic and satisfying…Black Caesar was writer/director Larry Cohen’s second movie…all his films have wit, substance, intellect…and are unlike anybody else’s. And Black Caesar boasts a soundtrack by the Godfather of Soul James Brown… you can’t get more badass than that…



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