Andy We Hardly Knew Ye


People have often said that their friends or loved ones who have gone to war are never the same afterward…that they’re almost a completely different person. This classic drive-in horror film by Bob Clark and Alan Ormsby perfectly illustrates that feeling…It’s well-documented that it was partially inspired by The Monkey’s Paw…but it’s also alot like the post-war drama The Best Years Of Our Lives. Andy (Jim Backus) is a kid killed in Viet Nam…His mom just can’t accept that, and prays for his return. Lo and behold, one day he knocks on their door. They assume that the reports of his death were greatly exaggerated…They’re so overjoyed that it takes awhile for them to realize that he’s just a shell of his former self…a cold, bitter, rotting walking corpse that needs fresh blood to keep going.  It’s so chilling, heartwrenching and blackly humorous…it’s been ages since I’ve seen a horror film that was this inventive and intriguing…



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