You Need Hands


Beware of adorable li’l kids with black fingernails who want hugs… A schoolbus full of happy, syrupy-sweet children drives through a radioactive cloud leaked from a nuclear plant…and they emerge as syrupy-sweet zombies whose touch causes adults to melt down into shriveled husks that look like something your dad tried to cook. Eventually the local sheriff (whose wife is Gale Garnett, who sang We’ll Sing In The Sunshine and voiced the sexy redhead in Mad Monster Party) figures out that the only way you can stop the li’l bastards is to cut their hands off. The Children came out in 1980…same year as the original Friday The 13th…and it boasts the same Bernard-Herrmann-on-crack Harry Manfredini score…minus the ch-ch-ch’s. Hard to believe that such a cheeseball movie actually creeped me out back in the day…but hey, I was like 6… a Muppet could’ve scared me back then…


“We Wuv You THIS MUCH!!!”


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