Here In Status Symbol Land


It’s 1964…and while the kids are going bonkers over the Beatles, their parents are feeling the sting of suburban ennui…That American Dream just ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. They’re bored, discontent, and horny…So a pair of  questionably intimate siblings, Lou (who kinda sounds like Harvey Fierstein) and Yvette (The She-Wolf herself, Dyanne Thorne) decide to cash in by creating their own local swinger’s club…


So their friends and neighbors, for a small fee, can join in the orgy while wearing cloaks and masks…


Eventually, as in all sexploitation (and most other kinds of movies, come to think of it) this kind of libidinous liberation can only lead to bitterness and ruin, as at least one family is torn apart by their involvement in the swingin’ shindigs. (Incidentally the sexually repressed mom is played by Audrey Campbell, better known as the viciously sadistic titular bitch in the Olga movies.)


The whole thing kinda sounds like Eyes Wide Shut, doesn’t it? Well this movie is actually much better…which should come as no surprise since it was made by the maestro of  psychosexual drama himself, Joe Sarno. So pay at the door, get your mask and cloak…and hope that you don’t get recognized by your local green grocer…



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