Troggie Dearest


Trog was made in 1970 but it feels much more like a 30s/40s movie and at times comes off like a better than average King Kong ripoff. Trog is of course an affectionate diminuitive of troglodyte…He’s a caveman with a monkey head (who for some reason sounds like an asthmatic duck) still alive in modern times, living in the depths of a cave in England until intrepid explorers and anthropologist Joan Crawford yank him out and attempt to study (and civilize him Henry Higgins style) while Michael Gough is the token asshole saying “It’s a monster! Kill it!” It’s that classic science fiction message: know when to leave well enough alone, and don’t fuck with nature. In anybody else’s hands this could’ve been a total schlockorama but veteran director Freddie Francis created a deftly etched, evocative, scary, funny and engrossing movie…and Joan Crawford actually manages to come off as a rational, compassionate human being…never let it be said that she can’t act…



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