It’s The Freakiest Show


The last surviving astronaut on a Mars mission is accused of murdering his entire crew…unless he can prove that a Martian did it. This picture was an obvious prototype for Alien, and itself borrows a bit from The Thing…and like those two pictures, is one of the few to combine space opera sci fi with horror. And it is scary. Unlike most Martians of the era (My Favorite Martian, Marvin, The Great Gazoo) this is no cute, cuddly, wacky little green man from Mars. This is one gnarly, badass, take-no-shit Martian who would just as soon drink your blood as play poker…he’s like a Hulked-up Nosferatu…and he was played by Ray “Crash” Corrigan. Too bad he never got a sequel. He would’ve been great in monster crossover fight movies…



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