Go Ape Crazy!


Barry Mahon must’ve gotten bored with cranking out nudie cuties and nudist camp pictures, and decided to mix it up a bit…His idea to keep it fresh? Dusting off that 1940s trope of the killer gorilla. Oh there’s still a plethora of naked babes (who spend the lion’s share of their time in bunk beds talking about that scary old ape…and almost all seem to have a vaguely Scandinavian accent.) One of said babes is sexploitation fave Darlene Bennett. The gorilla is pretty much the most laughably fake, unintimidating ape ever, and I’ve seen many a fake ape…

King Kong's less handsome, less talented brother Frank

King Kong’s less handsome, less talented brother Frank



Now this one is much more fun…first off you get an opening credits sequence that will remind you of the cut-up animation Terry Gilliam did for Monty Python’s Flying Circus. And it’s set in New York, rather than Florida or Californa, where it’s, y’know, sunny. Camp Sunshine’s local yokel gardener Hugo takes a sip from the river, unaware that a scientist had just tossed some experimental serum into it that had made lab rats go apeshit…which naturally mutates him into a bloodthirsty, axe-wielding monster who runs amuck…well, actually he just walks amuck…at Camp Sunshine. Don’t expect a Blood Feast or Friday The 13th hackathon here…it’s really more of a parody of 50s sci-fi monster movies…and it’s got a quirky humor and flair for the ridiculous that’s quite charming at times…

Careful with that axe, Hugo...

Careful with that axe, Hugo…


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