Your Circuit’s Dead, There’s Something Wrong


This science fiction quickie produced by Roger Corman and his brother  Gene and directed by Bernard Kowalski (Attack Of The Giant Leeches, Sssssss) concerns an astronaut crashing on re-entry who’s pronounced D.O.A. but is soon feeling much better. Seems he brought back some alien microbes with him…and one big mother from outer space who looks like a neanderthal Admiral Ackbar. When the alien finally manages to communicate with the NASA folks, it claims that it’s not one of those nasty world-conquering aliens, but the  no-nukes, save-humanity-from-itself kind. Sure, buddy. That’s what they all say. Shoulda thought of that before you started popping people’s heads off…

"Come wiz me to zee Cazbaaaah!"

“Come wiz me to zee Cazbaaaah!”


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