Olaf’s Toys…OR…Sleaze Danish


Here’s one for you sickies who dig Bloodsucking Freaks and The Gruesome Twosome…A naive young couple move into a boardinghouse run by Lila Lash, a burnt out, insane former cabaret performer and Olaf, her maniacal, voyeuristic, sadistic son (the titular dwarf). And it takes the young boarders ages to figure out that their hosts have an attic full of kidnaped women, chained naked to their beds and hooked on heroin, which they pimp out to local degenerate men…which could’ve been unbearably terrifying if handled deftly, or a decadent black comedy…it’s somewhere in the middle…an eccentric, twisted horror film with occasional bouts of wild softcore humping. Olaf goes way over the top, but is still genuinely creepy…he obviously enjoys his work…The most eccentric touch of all is the soundtrack, a mix of soft, wistful acoustic guitar and strings, porno funk (during the sex scenes, natch) and Olaf’s theme, which sounds like an outtake from Lumpy Gravy…Oh, and apparently the guy who played Olaf also starred in a Danish kid’s t.v. show…but then, live action kid shows have always been a little creepy under the surface… 

the sinful dwarf creepy toys


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