Core Blimey!

X The Unknown

This Hammer science fiction picture is sort of a precursor to The H-Man and The Blob…A semi-sentient energy from the center of the earth cracks a fissure to the surface and irradiates the soil forming a killer mud  that will burn your skin or melt your face off, depending on how quickly you run. One of the investigating scientists  asks “How do you kill mud?” Might I suggest talking it to death? Yes, it’s one of those sci fi pictures where everybody spends most of the time talking about the creature before you actually get a glimpse of it because it’s too expensive or the FX are too lame to give it much screen time. And there’s the usual monster p.o.v. shots where terrified people are attacked by the camera. The FX aren’t too shabby though…especially the makeup FX…(the aforementioned burns and melting faces) and I have a feeling the makers of The Blob must’ve seen this, because it looks like they used the same techniques to move the goo…

"I toldja not to flush paper towels!"

“I toldja not to flush paper towels!”


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