Red Velvet Lines The Black Box


The regally menacing Christopher Lee dons the cape (and faces off against Peter Cushing) for the first time in this by-the-book Dracula adaptation…which also brings an uprecendented (at the time) amount of blood, gore and psychosexual tension…Hammer Studios would get much more brazen with such things in ensuing years. As classy as he is, Lee brings a feral hunger to the role of Dracula that makes him seem more dangerous than any other incarnation of the most famous Transylvanian. ( I guess the second most famous Transylvanian would be Frank. N Furter. But I digress.) The vivid, lurid colors of Hammer films like this were, in my opinion at least, a huge influence on Italian films in general and giallo in particular. And it’s great to see a Dracula movie that doesn’t feel the need to camp it up and lampshade. This picture has some serious teeth…

"Hey, wanna try this awesome gazpacho I just whipped up?"

“Hey, wanna try this awesome gazpacho I just whipped up?”


One comment

  1. mlbradford · January 5, 2015

    Great to see this Hammer classic get some attention here!
    You might like to see this:

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