The Worst Crime That I Ever Did Was Play Some Rocknroll


It’s 1964 and the local maltshop full of some of the oldest “teens” you’ve ever seen is a happenin’, fun, wholesome, jumpin’ joint where kids can have a soda and dance to the latest hits…til somebody had to come along and start strangling women and girls. Soon suspicions fall upon the Fastbacks gang…cuz, after all, they drive souped up cars and wear leather jackets..and they’re teenagers, fercrissake!

Teenage Strangler Tough Guys

When our hero Jimmy is singled out for particular scrutiny, he must clear his name with the help of his girlfriend and Mikey, his sensitive, androgynous little brother who looks like the offspring of Roy Orbison and Zelda Gilroy…


There’s not actually much delinquency going on here…except a fistfight and a stolen bicycle. And of course there’s a wild drag race. But the scene that everyone seems to remember (why, I’m not exactly sure) is the one  where a folky group hops up on the counter and does “Yipe Stripes”…it’s certainly one of those what the fuck moments that exploitation fiends cherish…



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