The Man With The Golden…


In case you’re wondering why I’m writing about an art film for a B-movie blog…well I believe that the wall between arthouse and grindhouse is wafer-thin…both rely on weird gimmicks, shock, titillation, subversion, transgression, anarchy and good old fashioned sex and violence…exploitation films to make a buck…art films to win awards and make a buck.  Sweet Movie begins with a satirical look at the wholesomely sleazy world of beauty pageants, in this case the “Miss World Virginity” pageant…where the winner must be a virgin…complete with a hymen check and ads for chastity belts. The winner (Carole Laure) is betrothed to Mr. Dollars (John Vernon, Chained Heat, Animal House) a Texas billionaire with a gilded prick…well, she says fuck that noise jack, and books… she hooks up with Spanish singer Mr. Macho (Sami Frey, Bande A Part) and experiences “coital lock”. Meanwhile,  a subplot involves an exuberant blonde Commie nympho who hooks up with a sailor and strips for kids. Eventually Miss World Virginity ends up in a commune where people engage in extreme scatalogical and cathartic infantile regression games that you won’t believe…but the true showstopper is the commercial shoot where the beauty queen slithers completely nude in a tub full of liquid chocolate…I’ve only detailed about half of the deranged shenanigans that go on in this picture…they’ll either repulse or fascinate you depending upon what your particular fetishes are (c’mon, everybody has at least one). As surrealistic headtrips go, Sweet Movie is an E-ticket ride…



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