Sheltered Life


Bubby (Nicholas Hope) has grown up in a gloomy hovel with no phone, no television, no newspapers, no books…no windows. He only knows what his domineering mother tells him…such as that the air outside is full of poison gas that will kill him if he tries to leave. After enduring 35 years of psychological, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his beloved mother, he is a blank canvas, hungry for knowledge of the world and some kind of identity. He’s like a human parrot, picking up random phrases when others speak. One day, his estranged father shows up and Bubby learns that everything his mother told him was a lie. So he finally goes off to see the world in a socially awkward odyssey of discovery.  Bubby’s journey is disturbing, perversely funny and strangely exhilarating, the perfect antidote to all those cutesy Hollywood fish-out-of-water heartwarmers. Nobody does alienation like the Australians…



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