She’s Got Balls


Are we talking about the beloved t.v. series starring Craig T. Nelson? Nope. This is a Crown International picture starring Cathy Lee Crosby, who awed many lads of my generation on That’s Incredible…she was also Wonder Woman in the pre-Lynda Carter pilot film that didn’t make it to a series…not because of Ms. Crosby. I think it was because her costume was closer to that unflattering jumpsuit in the revisionist “feminist” version of Wonder Woman in the comics (which I think was redundant since WW has always been a feminist icon) than the classic va-voom star-spangled costume everybody knows and loves. Whew…major fanboy digression there. Anyway, Cathy plays a gold medal Olympian hired to coach a boy’s basketball team. Naturally, since it’s the 70’s, she’s surrounded by chauvinist oinkers on both the team and the faculty (including Keenan Wynn, rocking that awesome fluffy Santa beard he had in the 70’s) who expect her to fail because she’s a woman.  The only decent guy is her love interest, played by a very young Michael Biehn…a good 6 years before he started fighting cyborgs and aliens. Cathy’s natural charm and chutzpah shine in a very believable and engaging performance. And I am not saying that just because I’ve had a crush on her since I was wee…



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