The Mixed-Up Zombie Swamp


In director Fred Olen Ray’s first “real picture”, Buster Crabbe ( Tarzan and Flash Gordon in the serials) is Sheriff Kowalski in the swamps of Orlando fighting a pack of flesheating zombies created when a meteor crashed a houseboat party.  Now, to say that Crabbe stars in this a bit of a stretch…he’s the only name actor, but he’s only in 3 key scenes. The rest of the time is filled with zombies chowing down, local yokels making dumb jokes, and a couple of skinny dipping scenes. (This must’ve been Fred’s big epiphany: “Hey, boobs look awesome on the big screen!”). It was shot on extremely cheap 16mm equipment, so it looks like it’s been dragged through the swamp and back, but the zombie makeup is pretty cool…



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