Stone Age Love


The main reason I’m writing this is to point  out that Daniel Roebuck is a seriously underrated comedic actor…He’s also completely chilling as the stone cold psycho in River’s Edge…but the first time I saw his work was probably in this film (On USA when I was a kid). He’s Rex, a hapless geek constantly pranked by his jackass peers…but his luck changes when he gets lost on a field trip to check out cave paintings, and ends up in prehistoric times (which usually in Hollywood is Bronson Canyon) where he meets Eba, a cute cavegirl (with perfect hair and makeup and meticulously torn clothes, natch). The script isn’t exactly brilliant, but Roebuck’s chops really help bring some laughs via physical comedy and a nebbishy character worthy of Bob Hope. I’m glad to see him pop up lately in films like The Lost Skeleton Returns Again and Rob Zombie movies…



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