It’s T.V.’s Fault


Moviegoers circa 1980 expecting one more holiday-themed slasher flick were not prepared for this uniquely twisted picture. Oh, it delivers the shocks and gore…but it’s really a blackly comic take on gritty 70’s films like Deliverance and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


A trio of former college roomies: Abbey (Nancy Hendrickson), Jackie (Deborah Luce) and Trina (Tiana Pierce)…career women pushing 30 ( a bold choice in such a teen-centric genre) on a weekend camping trip are abducted by Ike (Holden McGuire) and Addley (Billy Ray McQuade), two degenerate redneck brothers who torture and kill strangers for the amusement of their domineering mother (Rose Ross) when they’re not fighting each other (Addley: “Punk sucks!”…Ike: “Disco’s stupid!”) or filling their empty heads with junk food and television…


Mother’s Day maintains a dizzying balance between comedy and horror…the family is ridiculous, perversely likable, and still chilling…especially the shark-eyed Ike and Rose Ross as the maniacal matriarch. The roomies are equally complex and compelling, and in the last reel, as frightening as their captors…”Darlings, you’ve made your mother very proud!



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