I Saw Your Mommy


Maniac is the culmination of all the post-Psycho killers with mommy issues…not just inspired by Ed Gein but also Ted Bundy, the Son Of Sam, et al, stirred together into a psychotic gumbo and served with star Joe Spinell’s inimitable eccentricity. He’s Frank Zito, whose mother so horribly abused him as a child that he’s left an infantile lunatic boiling with Oedipal worship and rage. His room looks like a New York performance art nightmare, full of mannequins just like in Hatchet For A Honeymoon. When not playing with said mannequins and childhood toys, talking to himself, weeping uncontrollably or commiting the most jarringly gory and vicious murders of the early 80s splatter era, he takes time to clean up and have a kinda-sorta romance with a photographer played by his costar in Starcrash and The Last Horror Film, the scrumptious Caroline Munro. Along with Joe’s tour-de-fucked-up performance, director Lustig’s gift for mixing extremely creepy horror with black humor, and Tom Savini’s gutwrenching FX make for a cinematic traumathon that will scar you for life…



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