As Primitive As Can Be


In this adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, Tyler (Doug McClure) and biologist Lisa (there’s one in every sci fi movie to identify the strange critters, natch) are taken prisoner on a German sub during WWI after the sub torpedoed their civilian ship. The crew gets lost and they end up on the island of Caprona, where evolution threw in the towel eons ago. They meet a friendly neanderthal and an abondanza of not-so-friendly dinosaurs, which look cool but are obviously dudes in suits and puppet heads. The pterodactyl barely moves at all, gliding on wires thick enough to be used on the Golden Gate Bridge…



Then it’s back to ol’ Caprona with Ben McBride (Patrick Wayne, son of the Duke) Charly (Sarah Douglas) and the rest of their search party to rescue Tyler. There’s more dinosaurs, a villain who looks like George “The Animal” Steel, a tribe that dresses in Samurai armor and speaks in British accents…David “Darth Vader” Prowse as the Executioner and gorgeous Ajor (Dana Gillespie) the obligatory cavegirl with perfect hair and makeup and a designer-looking cave outfit…



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