Brolin Thunder


I wonder if either John Carpenter or Stephen King himself found inspiration from this film in the creation of Christine? Well the makers of The Car obviously saw Jaws…A sheriff (James Brolin, Amityville Horror) and his deputy (Ronny Cox, Deliverance) investigate a series of hit-and-run deaths by a sinister black car (a Lincoln) with no visible driver. The cinematography and music are very Jaws. The Car’s rep has always been as a so-bad-it’s-good cult classic…but I question just how unintentional the laughs are…the comic relief scenes have a very weird sense of humor…and even the attack scenes seem tongue-in-cheek…especially the one where the car acts like an angry bull in a ring. The makers were obviously having fun with this, so I’d say the pleasure of this film is pretty guilt-free…



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