Boy With A Problem


Hmmm…how to put this delicately? Arthur (Juan Fernandez) has always felt a wee bit…inadequate, and is a total dud with the ladies. So when his much studlier buddy Felix dies from a “very rare virus”,  Artie jumps at the chance to be the guinea pig in an experimental shaft transplant, and has Felix’s manhood successfully grafted onto him. Side effects? Well, it turns out that Felix was much more of a ladykiller than Art had imagined…and now he’s inherited his dear departed dong donor’s compulsion to kill women who wear gold earrings. I get the feeling ol’ Doris was watching The Hands Of Orlac or Mad Love one day and thought “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if?”…Expect the usual roughie tussling, Batman-angled cinematography and editing so startlingly abrupt that you’ll wonder if you’ve got narcolepsy…



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