Salty Dogs


This gritty, real-time, almost-lost change-of-pace crime thriller from horror director Mario Bava thrusts you right into the middle of a robbery gone horribly awry. The thieves, depraved degenerates straight out of a Spaghetti Western, not only leave a trail of carnage in their wake, but take a couple and their child hostage. That’s when the real terror begins. The film is loosely based on an Ellery Queen story from the 50’s, but plays more like a cross between Last House On The Left (an obvious influence) and Reservoir Dogs (obviously¬† influenced by this film) as the thieves subject the family to all manner of threats and indignities. It’s as powerful as any of the great American thrillers of the 70’s, and very finely crafted considering Bava left the project before the editing stage. I recommend seeing the original version Rabid Dogs rather than the recut Kidnapped version for pure, undiluted terror…



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