While I Lay Dreaming


The Earth Dies Screaming. Now there’s a title that doesn’t pussyfoot around. Most classic sci-fi flicks went with Attack Of…or Invasion Of…or Earth V.s., which still implied hope and a fair fight. This title lets you know straight up that shit just got real. Nolan, an American astronaut stationed in England, returns from a test flight to find that most of the population has dropped dead. The handful of other survivors are just as puzzled as he is. Before they can spend too much time speculating and bickering, some guys show up in standard issue 50’s sci-fi Jiffy Pop silver spacesuits. For a second, the survivors think that they’re about to be rescued. Sorry Charlie! They’re robots from outer space with an electrified touch. Zap! Dead! They can also reanimate corpses as zombies to help with cleanup. This top-notch cheapie chiller-thriller was directed by Terence Fisher, who made Hammer films such as Brides Of Dracula and Curse Of Frankenstein… Oh, and “Klaatu Barada Nikto” don’t wash with these ‘bots… 



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