Man’s Best Fiend


Here’s proof that everyone and their dog has made a Dracula movie. When I first heard about this picture as a kid, I thought it was a gag, that it couldn’t possibly be a real movie. Well, it’s real, folks…Drac’s pooch Zoltan and his half-vamp servant Veidt (Reggie Nalder, Salem’s Lot, Mark Of  The Devil) head to America to seek out the Count’s last surviving heir, Michael “Drake” (Michael Pataki). Drake doesn’t know about his hemophagic heritage. He’s on vacation, camping with his family  when Veidt and Zoltan put the bite on Drake’s dogs, creating a legion of vampire canines. Ruh-roh! All kidding aside, the dogs are actually pretty scary when they go into attack mode. Luckily Jose Ferrer shows up as the fearless vampire killer Branco. It’s a campy premise, yes, but the picture is pretty straight-faced considering it was written by the same guy (Frank Ray Perilli) who wrote the 70’s softcore musical Cinderella…



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