Tryin’ To Get Over


Youngblood Priest (Ron O’Neal) a suave, shrewd coke dealer. wants to go legit…but he needs to make one last big score first, his ticket to Easy Street…but will he make it before the corrupt cops he’s ripping off get hip and bring the hammer down? Superfly is an absolute Blaxploitation classic: intelligently written,. truthful, raw, stylish, artistic and serious…there’s no shuckin’-and-jivin’ stereotyped characters to put the caucasians in the audience at ease. Not that it’s humorless though. Charles MacGregor (Blazing Saddles fans will recognize him as Bart’s buddy Scamp) brings not just humor but pathos in his portrayal of the Quixotic, ill-fated Freddy. Ron O’Neal commands the screen with the steely-eyed gravitas of a street-hustling Sidney Poitier…and of course, Curtis Mayfield’s soundtrack is legendary…



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