Lila Is A One Night Stand


Lissome, lithe Lila (Susan Stewart) is a real go-getter of a go-go girl who does some of her most entertaining performances after the show…but after a stagedoor johnny slips her some LSD (and after what seems like the longest, tamest sex scene in cinematic history) she has a bum trip, completely flips her That Girl wig, kills the guy and hacks him into kibble with a cleaver…Then veteran stripper Pat Barrington (Mondo Topless, Orgy Of  The Dead ) does a bellydance for the film’s director William Rotsler…as a “lay analyst” (Stuart Lancaster, one of Russ Meyer’s favorite stock players, who also appeared in Harry Novak productions like this) tries to get into her…head…but the session is over before he knows it…


Is there some mysterious, horrible Repulsion-like trauma in Lila’s past? Why does she hate fruit? Where is her accent from, and where does it go half the time?


Psychedelic effects…strange hallucinations…breathtaking breastisses…what a trip! And it’s refreshing to see strippers kill men for a change. “Oh, wow! Oh wild!….Grooooooooovy!”



One comment

  1. horrorchick98 · July 24, 2014

    Seems pretty trippy and interesting. Except for the boring sex, why does the boring sex always take SO long but the hot sex is done in a flash. It really does suck that way when it comes to films in general.

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