Rockin’-And-A-Reelin’ Barbara Anne


She’s got the black leather jacket and the heavy artillery, and many scenes are copied verbatim from The Terminator but Tania (Barbara Anne Constable) is not a cyborg…she’s an anthropologist possessed by the spirit of the South Seas Queen, a nymphomaniacal sorceress who vowed vengeance a century ago against Erica, the granddaughter of the man who done her wrong. Why is it that people with magical powers always curse the ancestors of the people who piss them off, rather than dealing with the bastards then and there? ‘Cause then it would be a five minute movie, that’s why. Stone cold fox Constable blows away a helluva lot of innocent (and not so innocent) bystanders, crashes cars and blows stuff up real good while on her mission to eliminate up-and-coming pop star Erica…when she’s not balling random men to death. Did I mention that she’s a nympho? She’s just as unstoppable as the Terminator…and alot prettier. I can remember seeing the trailer for this Indonesian import way back in ’89, so I’ve been waiting 25 years to see it…and it was worth it. Lady Terminator is off-the-wall surreal, ultra-violent, gratuitously nude, shamelessly tasteless, and cheesier than mouse breath…in other words, the Gone With The Wind of Indonesian Terminator knockoffs…



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