It’s A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Trip


Gangster Tough Tony (Jackie Gleason), content to spend his days channel surfing with Carol Channing, is summoned by mob boss God (Groucho Marx) and sent to prison to whack Packard (Mickey Rooney) before he can testify in court. When he’s accidentally dosed with LSD by his hippie cellmate, Tony becomes an enlightened peacenik. It’s one of those 60’s comedies that butters its bread on both sides, goofing on both hippies and the establishment. At times it feels as if the screenwriter and perhaps even director Otto Preminger himself, were on acid. It’s packed with great character actors who brighten scenes briefly with their presence…but the sad part is this was Groucho’s last movie and he’s given no jokes. And the funniest scene is the credits being sung by Nillson. Was this trip really necessary?





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