Unnatural Selection


Mr. Bradley, a dead ringer for Henry Kissinger, silently watches a bunch of hippies dance to instrumental go-go music in a barn before playing good Samaritan to a pair of hippie babes, whom he believes may be his “perfect mate”…naturally, he must conduct some “scientific experiments” first, with the help of his stone-faced spinster sister and musclehead flunky. Well, one of the girls has a crush on the other, so that already narrows it down a bit. This is one of those pictures whose skeeviness is leavened by its ineptitude…and its out-of-nowhere use of the original Little Shop Of Horrors theme…”Isn’t it a shame how bored you can get with guys who respect you?”




  1. horrorchick98 · July 19, 2014

    What is it with the concept of incest that is involved in most of these type of films??? It is related to the taboo and stigma associated with it? Does it enhance the over all feeling of disgust and fear presented in it? Or is it just because they want to be dicks and do what’s never alright? Inquiring minds want to know? At least my warped mind does.

    • jayghastly · July 20, 2014

      The funny thing about sexploitation movies, in the era before porn was legal, is that they’re way sicker than most porn, more like the nasty back room pulp novels…and part of the reason for this is that these films had to have a “moral”, a socially conscious message (Just like Reefer Madness had to preach against weed in order to show people partying.) I’m not sure of the extent of the brother/ sister relationship in this one, and I don’t really wanna know, considering as I said that the brother looks like Kissinger and the sister looks like Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca…

      • horrorchick98 · July 29, 2014

        Still creeps me out lol

      • jayghastly · July 30, 2014

        What creeped me out is how much the mad scientist looks like Kissinger. Seriously. Dead ringer.

      • horrorchick98 · July 30, 2014


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