Somebody Call Me Sebastian


It takes major huevos to star in a flick this sick under your own name. Sebastian Gregory (“as himself”) who looks like a degenerate Glenn Ford, picks up a hooker (who does a great striptease to raunchy bump-and-grind jazz. She looks like Lee Holland from Shanty Tramp but I didn’t see that name in the credits.) drops acid, and proceeds to tell the hooker all about the time he and his girlfriend picked up a girl and killed her for kicks. Does this kind of pillow talk usually work for him? This guy is sicker than a phone booth full of lepers. Oh and there’s a double twist ending…




  1. horrorchick98 · July 19, 2014

    Hmmm acid + hooker = murder confession…..interesting concept. I wonder if hookers, like therapists, have to adhere to doctor patient confidentiality?

    • jayghastly · July 20, 2014

      One would hope. My question is, which of the two professions hears the sickest confessions?

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