Pretty Brutal


Rent-A-Girl takes the tried-and-true roadshow white slavery plot and adds a pinch of Olga-style sadism, as a brother/sister pair of “modeling agents” sell naive wannabe models to twisted sophistos who like to strictly discipline the help. Their stable includes sexploitation regulars June Roberts Gigi Darlene and Darlene Bennett. Bennett, for one, is fed up with all this …getting tied up and hosed down by a dirty old man wasn’t exactly in the brochure…and when the workers of the underworld finally unite,  it ain’t gonna be pretty…”Someday, I’d like to have  her for a French maid. I think I’d really enjoy warming her bottom for her.”



One comment

  1. horrorchick98 · July 19, 2014

    Again with the brother and sister team up of evil doers! lol

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