Djangology 101


You’ve gotta love a gunslinger named after a Belgian jazz guitarist with missing fingers. Django (Franco Nero) is a ronin-like drifter who travels with a coffin with a very deadly surprise inside. When he rescues Maria the prostitute from a band of vicious vigilante soldiers, he ends up caught between them and Mexican bandits. Although similar in some ways to the “Man With No Name” trilogy, Django is less stylized and jokey…and more brooding and brutal. It had to be cut before its American release…especially the infamous “ear” scene…decades before Blue Velvet and Reservoir Dogs. And have you ever seen a guy have to gunfight with not one but two broken hands? Now that’s a badass. There were dozens of unnofficial sequels and immitations (only a couple more starring Nero) and, of course, Tarantino’s brilliant, epic Django Unchained…but this is the one, the only, the original…





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